Program Name: GPG Galaxy One Click

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    Program Name: GPG Galaxy One Click
    Version Number: 1.0


    Program Profile:
    • Recovery Menu installed and routed in one click.
    • Installing Other Programs
    • Go to recovery mode and Danlvdyng with one click.
    • Easy to use adb commands in the program.
    Method of application:
    For recovery and rooted to the phone, the phone is turned on when you connect, you should press button Reboot Down Mod Downloading go to phone mode. Or you can get down volume buttons and the Home button and pressing the power button, use the phone to Downloading.
    Now hit the Start button on the phone is installed in the kernel file. (You can change the kernel file.)

    Open apk files to install the button and select the apk file, then click the Install apk file to be installed on the phone.


    Instructions for using adb, Kamnd Edith enter your destination, then click Start Command. To see the result.


    Download: GPG One Click.7z

    This is a smaller version, GPG is a gift from the company. Next version I'll put all of your needs for this push. Including: blinker, unlock, repair and serial .....
    You win
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    **GPG Galaxy One Click v2.0**
    [HR][/HR]GPG Galaxy One Click v2.0


    Program Name: GPG Galaxy One Click
    Version Number: 2

    Program Profile:
    • Recovery Menu installed and rooted in one click.
    • Antenna problem (repair Modem) with one click.
    • To remove the network lock code reader.
    • Full Updater Galaxsy
    • Flash and update parts of the phone.
    • Other Programs and installed as a single package
    • Go to recovery mode and Downloading with one click.
    • Easy to use adb commands in the program.

    Method of application:

    Software Installation:
    Apk files to install if the individual, just press 1 and select the file, press the 2 button.​
    Update and flash the phone (Just in case Downloading)
    If you want a full flash the phone with the button 5 and select the file folder, then press 6, you are fully updated.​
    Modem and antenna repair the problem[​IMG]Just in case Downloading)​
    Sometimes I get a flash with the wrong antenna becomes difficult. After you get a call or communicate. This problem mostly occurs when you have a i9000T phone, you actually have to update your phone's files on a regular i9000. This problem is also solved by selecting the button 7. Only a few seconds.​
    Installation and recovery Ruth phone: (Just in case Downloading)
    Just click the button for 8 to recover quickly in just a few seconds to install on the phone and phone to be routed.​
    Unlock network lock:​
    Step1 NV file with the button called. Step2 button and the phone lock code of this file is calculated and displayed. Only a few seconds.​
    12 button phone connection with the show.
    13 button phone if you connect it. Downloding takes easily to the case.​
    14 button phone is immediately transferred to the recovery menu.​
    adb Cammand:
    Samsung is not as effective in Fastboot I've been part of the program you can use adb.
    Part 17 in order to enter yourself, then see the button 18.​
    Important note: This program is fully Galaxsy i9000 phone and Galaxsy Captivat tested and no problem.
    Your phone can use all the options to update the state of the component parts that are Downloading.

    Download: GPGOneClick-2.rar - - online file sharing and storage - download