Nokia 808 - RM-807 - DELIGHT CUSTOM FIRMWARE v1.4

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    Update: v1.4


    Changelog 808 Delight v1.4:

    - removed Nokia Weather and Weather widget
    - added remove Recording tone patch
    - added full filesystem read access to X-Plore and full write access of :\private\
    - Picture viewer works in :\private\ folders
    - torch mod, now you can enable torch via lock key in power saver mode
    - EvenFaster patch for ROMPatcher, which allows you to enabled/disable torch via lock key much faster

    - exclusive keyboard skin by bhavin192 (you can revert to original one via Delight App)
    - Photo Editor from N8 (you still can access FP2 editor from gallery)
    - Video Editor from N8 (you still can access FP2 editor from gallery)
    - Unit Converter from s60v5
    - GPS Info app from s60v5
    - Delight SMS Themer

    - Email widget font Delight style white
    - Note widget font Delight style white
    - cleaned sisregistry
    - Sysap 1.4 by iChris701, now it will show SSL cert popups like on original firmwares

    - Menumatrix to show Unit Converter in Organiser & GPS Info in Navigation
    - Updated Delight App to 1.3.0

    Widget skins: new by Mahindar
    - DLNA big & small
    - WLAN big & small
    - VPN toggle
    - Operator
    - Stopwatch
    - FMTX small
    - Mirror

    - Delight theme updated
    - added "Evolve Qt 3.0 For FP2" theme by SLAYER33

    - Smooth As Hell V4 by Allstar12345

    Delight App v1.3.0

    - manual scrolling settings to Selector
    - manual light settings to Selector
    - FM Transmitter RDS tag chooser to Selector
    - FP2 keyboard skin Selector
    - Credtis page

    - performance improvments
    - some fixes
    - rearenged code
    - browser fixer is working on the fly

    how to update?

    a) if you flashed v1.0/v1.1:
    - flash via "Update Software" and without UDA
    - after flashing run the app "Updater" will start by itself, select:

    • [li]v1.3 if you were on v1.2 before[/li]
      [li]v1.3 and v1.2 if you were on v1.1 before[/li]
      [li]v1.3, v1.2 and v1.1 if you were on v1.0 before[/li]
    and let it do its job.
    => You will get all changed without of a Refurbish and loosing drive C:\

    b) you didn't flash v1.0/v1.1/v1.2/1.3 before:
    you have to flash the whole CFW via Refurbish.

    Download: via Delight blog

    Links for additional files, documentation, deleted sounds and rofs3 versions are also on our blog.

    Have fun and please share feedback ;)

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