Firmware 9110/9110i

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  1. Hallo,

    habe mir letztens ein 9110 gekauft und würde das gerne zum 9110i flashen.

    Leider bekomme ich nirgendwo eine deutsche Firmware.

    Habe sogar einen navifirm account gemacht nur um dann festzustellen das das 9110 garnet mehr drinne ist.

    Kann mir jemand helfen ?

    Ich suche Firmware 7.04.

  2. Dodger

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    Hast du die entsprechende Hardware zum Flashen??? Das 9110 is viel zu alt für Navifirm und Co.
  3. würde mir die sachen besorgen... scheinbar reicht ein mbus kabel und den pda teil kann man per MMC + Lötbrücke updaten. Würde ja eigentlich auch reichen.

    Laptop mit Windows98 + serielle Schnittstelle hab ich noch ^^

    Folgende Anleitung hab ich gefunden:

    Phone part is done easy.


    dejan flasher 1.0b
    mbus cable
    flashes for your 9110

    1) Remove sticker with text ' Ise Only Nokia specified Batter'
    2) connect pin 15 and 16 together
    3) insert battery
    In de PDA display are coming some dots and then the message
    'relink mode enabled'
    Your EPOC is now stopped and the GSM part is working like
    a 5110

    4) Flash it like you did a 5110 with Dejan flasher
    (you can use any sw you like, just choose 5110 as option)
    5) Set FAID after flashing with EEPROMtools 3.1
    6) Remove battery and open link between pin 15 and 16
    7) should work now

    For everyone who wants to flash the PDA

    For the work it will be necessary by you:

    - The communicator Of nokia 9110 (9110i).
    - Multimedia card (MMC).
    - the dlr-2 cable for the communicator.
    - soldering iron and (flux, solder and wires).
    - communicator PDA: File Explorer v1.04 (or another manager/copier), the Dos prompt Launcher by Dave Chapman.
    - program to transfer images to disk in the communicator
    ( )
    - update file (for example uk704mmc.img)
    - winimage for the editing of the images of disks. (optionally).

    upgrade PDA:

    1) Run on the computer Your PCsuite, connect the communicator by the cable Of dlr-2 to the comport of the computer.

    2) Backup entire memory of your communicator using the function BACKUP of PCsuite.

    3) Install into the memory of communicator (not on the card!)
    fileExplorer and the Dos prompt Launcher.

    4) using the fileTransfer function (PCsuite) transfer the program in the memory of communicator.

    5) Shut down PCsuite , do not disconnect the cable.

    6) Run on the communicator the fileExplorer.

    7) transfer the program of from the directory of
    b:\nokia\document\dos load... in b:\dos\

    8) run on the communicator the Dos prompt Launcher.

    9) Run from the command line

    10) (on the screen must be written -=Runing it 9110 = -).

    11) Put your computer into DOS mode.
    (n9110mmc works best under MS DOS)

    12) install on the computer copy of

    13) run also on your computer
    (screen must be written -=Running it PC = -).
    Communicator must be connected/bonded with the computer with cable!

    14) You press "0"," 0", "3" - on the screen will be shown the parameters of your MMC returned the bios of communicator (volume, the number of cylinders, sectors...)

    15) You press "1", introduce the name of file (for example mydisk_a.img).
    The image of your MMC will be preserved on PC.
    (speed of transmission 115200bps )

    16) You press "2" and introduce the name of the file of the image for the communicator (for example uk704mmc.img)
    file must it is located in same directory as n9110mmc.
    This file will be written down into the MMC.

    17) At the end of record wait several seconds and remove/take out from the communicator battery.

    18) under the battery you'll see a sticker "Us only of nokia of spechifed LI-on battery" . Remove it.

    19) Time to power up the soldering iron

    20) under the sticker we observe 16 golden test pins.
    With the aid of the soldering iron and a piece of wire we connect testpin 1- and 4- to each other.
    (hold communicator upward, pins are counted from left to right).
    this is necessary in order to supply programing voltage

    21) re-install the battery in the communicator

    22) After the boot of geos we again start 'Dos promt launcher '.

    23) after load DOS we select disk A: \

    24) DIR...
    on the disk must be the files to
    'swupdate.exe spochk.hdr spochk.lzs'

    25) swupdate<cr >...
    Process there will be it lasts approximately 2 minutes, state the program of will be shown in the display with small dots running ending with "software update of successful!"

    26) Remove battery.

    27) Unsolder the connection between 1 and 4 test pin and put the sticker back

    28) Re-insert battery. It should boot normally now

    29) If it works format the device

    30) if necessary Restore c: with PCsuite...

    31) (sometimes it is necessary to clean communicator by key combination shift+tab+arrow to the right, in this case the ini-file of geos is erased).

    If everything went well you have transformed your 9110 into a 9110i or changed language (whatever).

    This is not the quickest way but works.
    You can offcourse use a MMC cardreader to transfer the image on.
    But I think you now know how to do it....
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  4. Dodger

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    Naja, du musst dir erstmal den Dejan-Flasher besorgen. Wenn du jemand damit findest, dann hat der Evtl. noch die Files auf dem Rechner/CD