DCT-3 Aktuelle Firmwareversionen DCT3

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  1. Ramsch_Deluxe

    Ramsch_Deluxe Nokia-Repair

    3310 NHM-5 v6.33

    Changes made from version 06.07 to version 06.33:

    - Call and network management:
    - Cell Broadcast Data Download enabled
    - Messaging:
    - When erasing all read messages also read messages in outbox-folder will be erased
    - SIM:
    - Network selection time decreased in a certain SIM Application Toolkit application (SIM refresh force the phone to make a new network selection)
    - SIM Application Display Text is shown even if keypad is locked
    - Short cut for SIM Toolkit applications implemented (long key press of key 0)
    - Languages:
    - The character “alep” is available in Hebrew with predictive input
    - Support for language package S with English, Arabic, Farsi and Urdu
    - When selecting a picture for editing the right picture is always shown
    - Rejecting an incoming call when viewing a picture message does not reset the function
    - Operator name list updated:

    Thx 2 N4L
  2. Ramsch_Deluxe

    Ramsch_Deluxe Nokia-Repair

    2100 NAM-2 05.78

    Changes/improvements made from v 05.64 to v 05.78:

    - Languages:
    - Error correction in Lithuanian and German texts:
    - Lithuanian: Translation changed for game settings, vibration setting off from “Ijungti” to “Išjungti”
    - German: Translation changed for game high score from “Höchstpunkte” to “Record”
    - Interoperability improved when downloading ringing tones in SCKL format
    - Operator name list updated

    Thx 2 N4L
  3. Ramsch_Deluxe

    Ramsch_Deluxe Nokia-Repair

    2100 NAM-2 05.84 relased !
  4. DonaldDuck69

    DonaldDuck69 Super Moderator

    3310/3315 NHM-5 06.37 released
  5. Chriz

    Chriz will spielen

    3310 NHM-5 v6.39

    Changes made from version 06.33 to version 06.39:

    - USSD messages: USSD messages in Unicode format are now possible
    - SIM Card handling: Dual-SIM card including two separate subscriber numbers, can now
    change the numbers
    - SMS sending: It is now possible to reply to an SMS, received from a network where the destination address of the SMS is coded in 7 bit alphanumeric format
    - Chat: The word matching system when using the T9 dictionary in Chat has
    been improved
    - Picture Messages: Picture Messages with a long text are now shown in a more accurate way
    - SIM/ATK: In the SIM/ATK it is now possible to scroll through Display Text with timeout
    - Keyguard: It is now possible to answer calls with keyguard on (this issue was only with SW version 06.37)