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  1. Nokia N96 RM 247 EMEA 20.050 v05.00.exe

    New features: New features: New features: New features:
    • Email:
    • Nokia Email client and Mail for Exchange (MfE) preloaded (User will install and configure email clients
    with the help of Settings Wizard)
    • Settings Wizard 5.0: offers improvements for Nokia Email and MfE setup
    • Active Standby Email Plug-in: showing new email messages on Active Standby screen

    • Look & Feel:
    • Support for Audio Themes: configurable sounds for various events e.g. opening/closing slide, battery
    low etc
    • Setting to allow a slideshow to be used as wallpaper
    • Slide handling: Setting to allow user to configure effect opening/closing the slide has on a call and

    • Others:
    • WiFi Protected Setup is now supported, allowing simplified setup of WLAN security with a supported
    WLAN access point
    • Support of IAD (Independent Application Delivery): Allows certain applications to be updated
    independently over the air.
    Changes and improvements: Changes and improvements: Changes and improvements: Changes and improvements:
    • Correction for occasional CMLA (Content Management License Administrator) certificate corruption. (These
    certificates are needed for e.g. Mobile TV and N-Gage license purchases)

    • Energy management:
    • Shorter lights/screen timeout when lockswitch activated. Backlight dims as soon as keylock is enabled
    • Media Keys surrounding the rocker key lit only if a media application is open
    • Right Softkey changed from "Hide" to "Exit" for Music Player for EM savings
  2. N85/n79 20.175

    Endlich das lang ersehnte Update für das Nokia N85 und das Nokia N79 ist da!


  3. zweilinkehände

    zweilinkehände Reparaturen/alle Modelle

    RM-233 8800 Arte/Sahpire Arte / Carbon Arte

    dp v 17.0 (MCU SW 10.00) for Europe Carbon Arte

    MCU SW v10.00 for all N8800 products: Nokia 8800 Arte, Carbon Arte, Sapphire Arte and Gold Arte

    DP for Europe is devided into:

    DP for MEA: rm233_CareDP_17.0_MEA.exe

    DP for SEAP, India, China: rm233_CareDP_17.0_APAC_China.exe

    DP for SWAP for EMEA variants: rm233_CareDP_17.0_SWAP.exe
  4. Der Chirurg

    Der Chirurg Nokia

    rm-217 sw-07.30
  5. Mr. Nice

    Mr. Nice Life is for sharing

    Nokia N79 Firmware 30.011
  6. Nokia N78 30.011

    Nokia N78 Firmware 30.011.


    Seit dieser Firmware erkennt mein Autoradio (MEX-BT2600) das A2DP Profil vom N78 nicht mehr.

    Changelog noch keins gefunden.

    WLAN-Übersicht jetzt in deutsch. :)

  7. Nokia N96 Rm247: FW: 30.033

    Changelog: noch nicht gefunden
  8. du hast nur net gesucht ist schon seit dem 29. da

    Ef in arrivo su NSU una nuova versione firmware per N78. Si arriva alla 30.011, da notare che il changelog non riguarda allo stesso modo ogni product code, ma alcune cose sono specifiche per determinate aree, ad esempio alcuni problemi riguardanti la WLAN sono eslcusivamente relativi ai product code sloveni.
    Ed ecco le modifiche di questo nuovo firmware:
    - MMS Slides not shown in correct order
    - Connect with headset and activated silent profile when received SMS, the loudspeaker will play the music.
    - While listening music with HS, if a sms is received the speakers are enabled
    - WLAN menu not in Italian language
    - Issue with easy wlan languague .
    - Camera cannot zoom in/out after changing phone language
    - WLAN shortcut and its submenu are not translated into Russian
    - Canft input Chinese character g’šh by stroke input
    - N78 SW 21.002 and WLAN untranslated part of menu
    - English is the software of the WLAN menu problem
    - WLAN releted UI are in English in 21.002 but itfs in Chinese in previous SW
    - Menu Options gWLANh two different languages
    - Photo missing in gallery when change to simplifed UI
    - EDGE has gvideo sharingh in UI during the call but it doesnft support it
    No ZOOM function in RUSSIAN UI in SW ver. 21.002
    N78 digital zoom in/out doesnft work in SW 21.002
    Missing Camera Capture Tone :While listening music with HS, if a sms is received the speakers are enabled
    Cracking sound when using loudspeaker during calls
    Mein Autoradio geht, dafür kein Freisprechen mit dem Telefon Internen Lautsprecher
  9. fürs e51 gibts die 400.34.011

    This software release brings improvements and increased stability in Mail for Exchange, SMS reception improvements and stability and usability improvements for VoIP and WLAN. The release also includes robustness improvements when pressing the Home key.
  10. Benny77

    Benny77 Frührentner

    Für das N97 ist die 11.0.021 v2.0 raus ;)
  11. Bitte sehr, Changelog N86 V11.043

    * Improved CLI.
    * Slideshow wallpaper no longer causes in call device stability and audio problems.
    * Improved stability when using BT headsets.
    * Voice tags now working with CK-7W and other BT car kits.
    * Improved stability with dongles using WinXP built-in Bluetooth stack.
    Photos Application:
    * Stability improved when viewing image and video.
    * Volume and time information is now displayed when playing video clips.
    Camera Application:
    * Stability improved when using the camera.
    * Camera drivers optimized.
    * Autofocus now correctly deactivated in Landscape setting.
    * Burst mode corrections.
    Music Playback:
    * Stability improved when playing music over extended period through headset.
    * FMT-x timeout is now correctly synchronized with Music Player.
    * DRM Silent Rights Acquisition now working.
    * Content refresh improved.
    Other Changes:
    * Naviscroll sensitivity improvements.
    * C-S Help anomalies fixed.
    * Switch application contact sync corrected.
    * Display colour corruption corrected.
    * Vibra now functions after factory settings have been restored.
    * Theme transitions are OFF as default (as per PR1.01).
    * Pictbridge2 localization improved.
    * Thai and Turkish localization corrections.
    * USIM’ phonebook now visible after FDN disabled.
    * Java application icons are now shown correctly.
  12. Nokia 5800 RM-356 SW 30.0.11


    *When Music Player is operating, and seeing the track name on the screen, and then when one song ends and goes to the next track, the speed at which this happens has improved yet again from 21.002, although the noticeable change is not as much as from 20.149 to 21.002.
    *Calling speed (from standby screen to Contacts or Call Log) and transition to call/disconnected screens even faster than 21.002, is more than the instantaneous that I stated for the 21.002, it has improved yet again.

    *New menu option in the in-call menu to Send MMS during phone call.

    *Loudspeaker maximum volume has seemed to decreased

    *Maps startup is now almost instantaneous, speed through all the Maps menus very fast, even faster than Maps 2.0

    *Switching to different views is very smooth and fast now, i.e. to Map 3D etc.

    *Maps version 2.0 week 39 remains the same, although the Maps is able to be upgraded to Ovi Maps 3.01 flawlessly

    *The biggest change is the equaliser improvements. There is a huge improvement in sound quality, even background sounds and other channels are more noticeable. The default equaliser settings are quite good. And bass is less crunchy than before.

    *Split-second delays now do not exist when pressing the volume keys to change between volume levels. In the past, there was some degree of delay, even running multiple applications now, that behaviour has been improved remarkably.

    *Freezes in the music player have not been evident to me yet in my days of usage with the new firmware. Which is a marked improvement in the functioning and stability of the music player. Screen tearing and slow speed for album art to appear is still present though.

    Camera and Photos:

    *Biggest change is the reappearance of use of the volume keys to zoom while taking photos/recording video

    *Going into Details is faster than 21.002, almost instantaneous now

    *Scrolling speed through thumbnails is only minimally jerky now, also scrolling through photos at 100% view has improved in speed so it is now very smooth and almost instantaneous

    *When going into menus in Camera, the speed is instantaneous

    *Logo has changed for the video centre in the menu

    *Appearance of video menu is different and seems to have inherited the newer N-series/E-series style simplified logos

    *Speed in the video centre is much improved and is almost instantaneous

    *Changing between volume levels in RealPlayer is instantaneous, fast-forward/rewind speed and resume of playback after these functions is improved and almost instantaneous. Sound quality appears to have been improved also.

    *Application has been upgraded from v4.08 to v4.10.0904

    *Logo has changed and is now reminiscent of the newer N-series/E-series simplified styling

    *Performance is faster and Yandex search service has been removed in favour of Live Search and Google (Note: this is for the APAC variant, will vary between different regions and specific countries)

    *Rendering of webpages has improved in speed since 21.002

    *Rotate Screen option speed is now almost instantaneous

    *Speed in Web options menu is now instantaneous

    *Loading of Minimap on side when scrolling down pages does not have pixelation anymore

    *Overall system speed has been improved so it is somewhat faster than 21.002

    *Scrolling in the Multimedia menu from one tab to another whilst multiple applications are running, has improved marginally in speed

    *Overall stability seems to also have been improved, have not had one crash or freeze where I have had to remove the phone battery. The slight freezes that have occurred, the phone has recovered from flawlessly.
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 30. Juli 2009
  13. Für das N79 steht seit dem Wochenende die v30 zur verfügung
    changelog gibt es nicht
    Eigene Beobachtung:
    Handy läuft schneller (startet schneller)
    bleibt nichtmehr hengen beim Videodrehen
    enthält neue Sachen von OVI
  14. HI

    Nokia N81-3 RM-223
    Aktuelle FW 22.0.02 zu downloaden bei Blue-Nokia
  15. RM-505_EMEA_12.0.026_v3.0

    FW RM-505_EMEA_12.0.026_v3.01
    Vodacom FW
  16. Neue Firmware für E75

    Für das E75 gibt es eine neue Firmware. Version 201.12.01 ist jetzt verfügbar.

    * Ovi Kontakte sind jetzt vorinstalliert
    * Facebook, YouTube und MySpace werden als Applikationen eingebunden
    * N-Gage Plattform wird auf 1.2 upgedatet, ermöglicht einfaches Kaufen von Spielen
    * Chinesisches Sprachpaket wurde verbessert
    * Geo-Tagging
    * Falls versehentlich eine 2. Taste gedrückt wird, wird diese ignoriert
    * Nokia Easy-Dialing wurde verbessert
    * E-Mail Icon verändert seine Farbe von grau auf gelb, wenn Posteingang ein ungelesenes Element hat
    * Datenstruktur von Kalender und Kontakte wurde verbessert
    * E-Mail in E-Mail Feature: Angehängte E-Mail werden ganz normal als E-Mail geöffnet
    * Behebung der Probleme mit WebDAV
    * Bessere Stabilität
    * Erweiterte Exchange-Server sind kompatibel
    * Nokia Browser Update auf 7.1 | schnelles browsen, sanftes zoomen, WebKit-Engine wurde upgedatet
    * Automatisch Umwandlung auf Vollbildanzeige
  17. Rammi

    Rammi Handytöter

    Neue Firmware fürs Nokia N97-Mini RM-555

  18. albundy

    albundy Damenschuhexperte

    E63/E66/E71 firmware 410.21.010

    Gleich das wichtigste vorweg ...