Aktuelle Firmwareversionen BB5

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    Bitte hier in den Sticky KEINE FRAGEN stellen, er dient nur zur Info welche Firmware aktuell ist und welche Änderungen vorgenommen wurden.
    Falsche Postings werden ausnahmslos gelöscht !!!

    BB5 Firmwareversionen:

    2690 RM-635: 09.70 new
    2700c-2 Classic RM-561: 09.80
    2710c-2 Navigator RM-586: 06.13 new
    2730c-1 Classic RM-578: 09.41
    3109c Classic RM-274: 07.21
    3110c Classic RM-237: 07.30
    3120c-1c Classic RM-364: 10.00 / 10.30
    3120c-1 Classic RM-365: 10.00
    3250 RM-38: 04.60
    3500c Classic RM-272: 07.21
    3500cb Classic RM-273: 06.60
    3555 RM-270: 03.38
    3555c RM-277: 03.38
    3600s Slide RM-352: 07.23 / 57.23 New simlock server version!
    3610a Fold RM-429: 03.56
    3710a-1 RM-509: 04.30 new
    3720c-2 Classic RM-518: 10.16
    5130c-2 RM-495: 07.91
    5200 RM-174: 07.20
    5200b RM-181: 06.03
    5220 RM-411: 07.23
    5230/5235 RM-588: 20.0.005 new
    5300 RM-146: 07.20
    5300b RM-147: 07.00
    5310 RM-303: 10.10 / 59.42 New simlock server version!
    5310b RM-304: 09.42
    5320 RM-409: 05.16
    5330 RM-615: 06.80 new
    5500d Sport RM-86: 04.60
    5530c-2 RM-504: 20.0.080
    5610d-1 RM-242: 10.00
    5610d-1b RM-279: 07.12
    5630d-1 RM-431: 013.009
    5700 RM-230: 05.11
    5700b RM-302: 05.11
    5730s-1 RM-465: 101.48.128
    5800d-1 RM-356: 40.0.005 / 40.0.005 NAVI Edition
    6085 RM-198: 06.00
    6086 RM-188: 06.00
    6086b RM-260: 15.04 T-Mobile USA
    6110n Navigator RM-122: 06.02
    6120c-1 Classic RM-243: 07.10 / 07.20 Elisa
    6120c-5 Classic RM-310: 04.21
    6121c-1 Classic RM-308: 05.11
    6124c-1 Classic RM-422: 05.22
    6125 RM-178: 05.43
    6126/6133b RM-126: 05.60 / 05.61
    6131/6133 RM-115: 06.10 / 06.60 some operators
    6131 NFC RM-216: 05.12
    6136 RM-199: 05.21 / 15.21
    6151 RM-200: 04.10
    6208c RM-458: 03.60
    6210s-1 Navigator RM-367: 05.16 / 05.501 Turkey
    6212c Classic RM-396: 06.20
    6220c-1 Classic RM-328: 05.15
    6233 RM-145: 05.60
    6234 RM-123: 05.60
    6260s-1 Slide RM-368: 07.20
    6263 RM-207: 04.44
    6267 RM-210: 05.20
    6270 RM-56: 03.90
    6280/6288 RM-78: 06.43
    6282 RM-79: 03.41
    6288 RM-268: 03.61
    6290 RM-176: 04.21
    6300 RM-217: 07.30 / 57.20 New simlock server version!
    6300b RM-222: 05.00
    6300i RM-337: 05.60
    6301 RM-322: 09.40
    6301b RM-323: 05.93
    6303c Classic RM-433: 10.10
    6303i Classic RM-638: 06.61
    6500c Classic RM-265: 09.48 / 59.45 Orange UK, New simlock server version!
    6500s-1 Slide RM-240: 10.00 / 10.30 / 59.60 T-Mobile and Orange UK, New simlock server version!
    6555 RM-271: 03.46
    6600f-1 Fold RM-325: 06.20
    6600s-1c Slide RM-414: 06.55
    6600i-1c Slide RM-570: 36.60
    6630 RM-1: 6.03.40
    6650d-1c RM-400: 03.31
    6680 RM-36: 5.04.40 / 2.23.05 IMODE Variant
    6681 RM-57: 7.11.0
    6682 RM-58: 4.41.0
    6700c-1 Classic RM-470: 10.50
    6710s-1 Navigator RM-491: 022.013
    6720c-1 Classic RM-424: 013.009
    6720c-1b Classic RM-564: 013.009
    6730c-1 Classic RM-547: 023.010 Vodafone
    6730c-1 Classic RM-566: 023.010
    6760s-1 Slide RM-573: 20.007 new
    7020a-2 RM-497: 05.41
    7210c Supernova RM-436: 07.23
    7230 RM-604: 06.90
    7310c Supernova RM-379: 09.40
    7370 RM-70: 04.13 / 04.51 APAC
    7373 RM-209: 05.50
    7390 RM-140: 04.51
    7500 Prism RM-249: 05.20 / 05.21 APAC
    7500b Prism RM-250: 05.21
    7510a Supernova RM-398: 06.65
    7610s Supernova RM-354: 07.23
    7900d-1 Prism RM-264: 06.61
    8600d Luna RM-164: 04.04
    8800e-1 Arte RM-233: 10.00
    C5-00 RM-645:
    E50-1 RM-170:
    E50-2 RM-171:
    E51-1 RM-244: 400.34.011
    E51-2 RM-426: 401.34.011
    E52-1 RM-469: 033.002 new
    E55-1 RM-482: 033.002 new
    E60-1 RM-49: 3.0633.09.04
    E61-1 RM-89: 3.0633.09.04
    E61i-1 RM-227: 3.0633.69.00
    E62-1 RM-88: 3.0633.09.13
    E63-1 RM-437: 400.21.013
    E65-1 RM-208: 4.0633.74.00
    E66-1 RM-343: 400.21.013
    E66-3 RM-420: 400.21.013 BRAZIL
    E70-1 RM-10: 3.0633.09.04
    E70-2 RM-24: 2.0618.07.10
    E71-1 RM-346: 400.21.013
    E71-3 RM-407: 400.21.013 BRAZIL
    E72-1 RM-530: 022.007
    E72-2 RM-529: 021.024
    E75-1 RM-412: 202.12.01
    E75-2 RM-413: 201.12.01
    E90-1 RA-6: 400.34.93
    N70-1 RM-84: 5.1003.3.0.1
    N70-5 RM-99: 5.0717.2.5.1
    N71-1 RM-67: 2.0613.1.121
    N71-5 RM-112: 4.0642.5.05
    N72-5 RM-180: 5.0819.4.0.1
    N73-1 RM-133: 4.0839.42.0.1 / 4.0839.42.2.1 Music Edition
    N73-5 RM-132: 3.0713.1.1.2 / 3.0717.1.4.1 Internet Edition
    N75-3 RM-128: 20.1.172
    N76-1 RM-135: 31.0.014
    N76-5 RM-149: 21.1.004 CHINA
    N77-1 RM-194: 3.0838.22.0.1
    N78-1 RM-235: 30.011
    N79-1 RM-348: 32.001
    N79-5 RM-350: 20.175
    N80-1 RM-92: 5.0719.0.2 / 4.0707.0.7 Internet Edition
    N80-3 RM-91: 5.0719.0.2
    N81-1 8GB RM-179: 20.0.056
    N81-2 RM-256: 10.1.038 CHINA
    N81-3 RM-223: 20.0.056
    N82-1 RM-313: 35.0.002
    N82-5 RM-314: 11.1.117 CHINA
    N85-1 RM-333: 31.002
    N85-3 RM-334: 30.101
    N85-5 RM-335: 20.175
    N86-1 RM-484: 21.006
    N90-1 RM-42: 5.0607.7.3
    N91-1 RM-43: 2.20.008 / 3.00.060 8GB
    N91-5 RM-158: 2.20.008 / 3.10.023 8GB
    N92-1 RM-100: 5.0748.2.0.4
    N93-1 RM-55: 20.0.058
    N93-5 RM-153: 20.1.058
    N93i-1 RM-156: 30.0.013
    N93i-5 RM-157: 11.0.009 / 20.1.084
    N95-1 RM-159: 35.0.002
    N95-3 RM-160: 11.2.009
    N95-4 RM-421: 1.2.011
    N95-5 RM-245: 11.1.010
    N95-2 8GB RM-320: 35.0.001
    N96-1 RM-247: 30.101
    N96-3 RM-472: 11.018
    N97-1 RM-505: 21.0.102 new
    N97-4 mini RM-555: 11.0.045
    N900 RX-51: 3.2010.02.8
    X3-00 RM-540: 04.11
    X6-00 RM-559: 12.0.091

    Die Flashfiles bekommt ihr auf den Support Servern eurer FlasherBox, oder ihr schaut mal bei Obnoxy vorbei


    DCT3 Firmwareversionen

    DCT4 Firmwareversionen

    Last update/rework: 5. Mai 2010 by DD69 :D
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    6630 RM-1 v3.45.11.3

    Changes/improvements made from MCU SW v to v

    - Incoming Calling Line Identification (CLI) shows in addition to matched name also phone number
    - Manual network mode selection is possible via settings. Default setting is "dual mode", user may select "GSM only" if needed
    - PDP disconnect dialog is shown to user if the network cannot give an additional data context when streaming is launched from a browser page
    - Partial Idle screen indicates unread messages indicator
    - Manual network selection list has been made shorter. Only one operator name is shown in the list even if operator has both 2G and 3G networks available
    - Dialling to prefixed numbers (e.g. *140”number) improved
    - USSD session ending handling improved
    - Alternative Line Service (ALS) improved
    - Reading language information from SIM improved
    - SIM handling improved for large phonebook
    - Some changes to USAT commands "Play tone" and "Refresh"
    Audio and Video:
    - Ringing tone behaviour improved
    - Streaming improved to work better with some servers
    - Memory handling improved when playing audio or mp4 content
    - Large File download behaviour improved
    - Handling of web sites sending incorrect content types improved
    Video Call:
    - Interoperability improvement, Vendor ID now sent in H.324 information
    - Help application help texts updated
    - IMEISV sent to network changed to 17
    - Automatic access point settings updated
    - Manufacturing process improvement due to optimised power management software
    - Always online email behaviour improved

    6630 RM-1 v5.03.08

    Changes/improvements made from MCU SW v 4.03.40 to v 5.03.08:

    - Telephony
    - FDN phonebook stability improvements.
    - DTMF play speed corrected.
    - Improvements to incoming call handling when playing games.
    - CLI shown now correctly after a fax call.
    - Improvements to automatic redialling.
    - Correction for reset problem when receiving forwarded call from
    - SIM / USAT
    - When changing active code from PIN to UPIN, UPIN is asked, too.
    - SAT Play tone volume increased.
    - Phonebook’s thumbnail images shown when scrolling.
    - Service provider name shown correctly when SPDI read from USIM.
    - Audio and Video
    - Corrections to RV8 decoder algorithm and MP3/AAC decoder.
    - Playing clips without information of number of audio channels
    - Streaming quality enhanced.
    - Audio routing corrected for Nokia Cark112.
    - Pause/resume functionality improved when using Vidiator server.
    - Browser
    - Browser stability improvements.
    - Browser behaviour improved when browsing certain pages.
    - Language selection for google corrected.
    - Pages with background wallpaper now shown correctly.
    - WAP email PDP context drop issues solved.
    - Resuming after service lost works now correctly.
    - Messaging
    - Stability improvements to IMAP mailbox.
    - Mail inbox update is now working correctly.
    - Extra line feeds removed from email.
    - Notification added when rights object received in inbox.
    - SMS sending failure for multiple addresses corrected.
    - SMS proactive command interpretation improved.
    - Receiving Chinese SMS containing more than 45 characters no longer
    causes shorter standby time.
    - Chinese input added to mailbox user settings.
    - Support for Unicode SMS character counter added.
    - Video Call
    - VT call behaviour improved if audio channel is closed and reopened
    with different bit rate.
    - Unmuting audio sending during video call is now possible.
    - Overlapping in calling to video mailbox corrected.
    - Video sharing stability improved.
    - Video Share item added to incall option menu.
    - Share video option no longer disappears from option’s menu after 3rd
    party MT call.
    - Video call can now be established correctly with Ericsson VIG.
    - THAI language supported now in Snowboard game.
    - New error note added if MMC formatting fails.
    - Stability improvements for FTP upload.
    - Extra security code added to prevent users to play non DRM protected
    AAC files by renaming the file.
    - Correction for USSD channel closing.
    - Boot-up ensured even if there is corrupted MMC or corrupted font files in
    - Access point configurator updated.
    - Operator name list updated.
    - Bluetooth stability with other vendor’s headsets improved.
    - Default image resolution changed from Normal to High.
    - SyncML client temporary data excluded in backup.
    - LifeBlog account registration succeeding.
    - Media gallery handles better long play list names and large images.
    - Alarm clock volume adjustments.
    - Validity check added before setting currency symbol.
    - Dialup works now after USB PictBridge printing.
    - BT deactivation behaviour with certain headsets improved.
    - Folder path name length extended to max. 255 characters.
    - All streaming links played correctly from .ram file that contains several
    streaming links.
    - New error note added for out of memory situations.
    - Java – Install/Notify problem corrected.
    - Support for multiple BT connections.
    - Serial port signalling handling improved.
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    N90 RM-42 v2.0530.3.5_EURO

    Changes/improvements made from MCU SW v 2.0527.2.3 to v 2.0530.3.5:

    - Call and network management
    - IHF logic correction: IHF not active anymore after creating second call
    (loudspeaker activated during first call)
    - S60 API DLL included for Ctelephony. This has been requested
    especially by application developers.
    - Email
    - Sometimes email message was opened empty, i.e. nothing was shown
    in the message body. This is now fixed.
    - Browser
    - Fixed: if SVG element contained Scandinavian characters, it was not
    displayed in Browser
    - Browser improvement: All radio buttons did not work
    - Web page crashes in e.g. www.nokia.com, www.opera.com solved
    - Fixed: SIM Refresh disconnected browsing session
    - Fixed: Spinning globe of page view was displayed as a box.
    - Camera:
    - Inaccurate positioning of the slider scale in the Exposure value menu
    pop-up is fixed
    - Improvement to AV synchronization for video recording
    - Battery and field strength bars when sending MMS from camcorder
    post capture view are fixed.
    - Fixed: Half press shutter key in sequence post capture view started
    focus procedure which could not be cancelled
    - Fixed: Receiving incoming call while focusing for sequence capture
    hanged the application
    - Autofocus algorithm has been improved.
    - Unwanted “beep” removed from camera shutter sound (fixed, not
    verified yet)
    - Gallery, editors and printing:
    - Danish localisation for still image editor updated
    - Fixes a crash bug when images are deleted from Image Viewer
    - Image scrolling improved with >100 images in the gallery
    - Thumbnail creation improved: Thumbnails are now generated when
    exiting the editors
    - Solved animated gif view application crash in the Media Gallery
    - Canon CP600: USB driver updated
    - Fixed: Twisting to landscape in the image print did show incorrect
    - Multiple images can now be printed from Media Gallery
    - Muvee movie editor: Bulgarian localisation fixed and help improved
    - Muvee movie editor: Performance improved
    - Improvement to JPEG decoder robustness
    - Application crash when inserting sound clip in Video Editor is fixed.
    - Real One Player and streaming
    - Fixed: In some occasions Realplayer did not start when streaming was
    - eAAC+ compatibility has been improved.
    - Music player problem fixed: Track list identifies artist but player
    displayed Unknown.
    - Icons updated in Real One Player.
    - Other applications
    - Application Installer problem fixed: Custom Installation query items
    were not marked.
    - Push to talk correction: talking was not possible in group after waiting
    - Notepad improvement in e.g. scroll bar functionality
    - Data Mover application had scrolling problems with some variants and
    are now fixed
    - Java
    - SD java problem fixed: files were not downloaded/installed properly in
    all cases
    - Bluetooth
    - Voice recognition problem fixed: jam when voice recognition was
    activated with BT handsfree accessory
    - Fix to crash caused by External Bluetooth Connection Requests
    released (verification still missing)
    - Battery life improvement for fold open standby mode
    - Security problem fixed: Phone was unlocked by pressing Selection key +
    number key 112.
    - White Bar correction, fixes many UI views where white bar has been
    visible with default theme.
    - Arabic and Hebrew icon fix
    - Memory card formatting problem fixed: Formatting was not possible when
    a theme was installed on MMC
    - Several layout fixes
    - SIND improvement (reduced load for resynchronization after booting the
    - New help release
    - Cover UI in landscape mode after twisting the camera fixed
    - Problem of getting the animated gif working first time in cover screensaver
    is fixed
    - Nokia tune improved

    N90 RM-42 3.0535.4.3

    Changes/improvements made from MCU SW v 2.0530.3.5 to v 3.0535.4.3:

    - Call and network management
    - Video Sharing support now more than 1 PDP context (previously
    context was killed if reserved)
    - DTMF is now enabled during video telephony also in imaging mode
    - Intermittent landscape mode activations and audio routing to
    loudspeaker should not occur any more.Access to voice mail is
    speeded up
    - UI problems when calling emergency call with rejected SIM cards and
    during PIN code query are solved in this software release.
    - Empty choices are no more displayed with 'New voice message' on
    Cover UI.
    - Outgoing data call is not shown as video call in Cover UI any more
    - Automatic redialling functionality corrected
    - Calling from Speed dialing to not defined Voice Mailbox does not
    crashes the application any more
    - Pressing the ‘options’ when Any-Key Answer is activated does not
    answer the call any more
    - Phone icon changes now according to call state, while using Snapshot
    Camera during an active call.
    - IHF logic correction: IHF not active anymore after creating second call
    (loudspeaker activated during first call)
    - S60 API DLL included for Ctelephony. This has been requested
    especially by application developers.
    - Received video calls were not shown in received call list
    - Opening logs application speeded up
    - Phonebook - Wrong icon was used in "Address-work" detail
    - Database for voice dialling ate flash memory too much
    - Voice dialling UI jamming corrected if synthesizer was disabled in voice
    command settings
    - Delay between SIND activation tone and 'Speak Now' Dialog is
    - When voice command activation is canceled the phone does not freeze
    any more.
    - Phonebook uses now SVG image instead of bitmap icon in a tab
    - Memory management improved, no more "Log: Memory full. Close
    some applications and try again." Messages when calling from Logs
    many times.
    - SMS
    - Text input speed in long text messages improved
    - Messaging centre is not locked up any more when new mailbox was
    created and Back-key was pressed multiple times
    - SMS was stored in Inbox after received Class 0 SMS is closed with red
    <End> button
    - MMS
    - Error Message when sending images over maximum size corrected
    - Icon is now shown when inserting SD protected image file with expired
    rights to SMIL Editor
    - Missing attachments in MMS with text slides corrected
    - Flickering in USSD editor is reduced.
    - Image is now visible in SMIL presentation preview
    - MMS can now be received during WCDMA call ongoing and SWIS
    settings have been set
    - MMS can now be received during streaming (problem in 3G when no
    multiple pdp contexts are not supported)
    - Email
    - Mailbox speed improved with lots of POP mails
    - POP3 mail messages that are not downloaded, do not disappear from
    phone mailbox any more.
    - Smart Messaging
    - Chat: Smiley icons are not shown correctly when inserting them into
    - Browser
    - Cache functionality corrected when clock's date format changed from
    - Overlapping issue in en.wikipedia.org is corrected.
    - Browser does not attempt to contact default homepage anymore when
    it is started.
    - Options menu problem after reject "Closing a secure connection?"
    dialog is corrected
    - Broken layout problems when viewing images in browser are corrected.
    - Browser bookmark and auto bookmark highlights flickering reduced
    after changing to application shell and back.
    - XHTML-handling corrected: < div>< /div> is not treated as block
    element when it is empty
    - Edit options menu can now pop up in input field after short press Edit
    - "Globe" animated image is now shown correctly in "bookmarks"
    - Certain types of wireless BMP images can now be displayed (wbmp).
    - Unnecessary "Web: Connection time-out" removed.
    - Animated GIFs playing improved in Tile view
    - Browser does not attempt automatic connection anymore (works as
    - Camera:
    - Number of remaining photos corrected when resolution is changed
    - Phone does not reset any more when twisted from imaging mode to
    fold open mode during information note is shown.
    - Blank black screen in Camera mode viewfinder (keyguard related
    defect) is corrected.
    - Inconsistent use of flash symbols in imaging mode camera and camera
    mode is corrected
    - Improved camera mode closing time
    - With headset connected Video and Still capture tones are now played
    through both speaker and headset
    - Video camera does not go to standby any more after one minute when
    video recording is paused and resumed
    - Video recording track speed with night scene settings corrected
    - Corrected the very first sequence capture after boot if taken with flash
    - Image quality settings functionality in camera mode.
    - Video recording can now be started after new MMC inserted.
    - Gallery, editors and printing:
    - Improved camera parameters taken use (e.g. white balance
    - In some cases video clips taken with N90 (MP4) were displayed as
    corrupted items in previous sw. Anyhow still with imported video clips
    in some cases the file is shown as corrupted item even though Media
    Gallery can pley the video.
    - 'Application already in use note' and phone crash when image was
    edited, new picture was taken and edited (landscape-portraitlandscape-
    - Solved: Opening CD protected jpg image with expired rights:
    information note was missing, thumbnail view opened
    - Flickering in media gallery is reduced.
    - System error (-1) is not shown any more when trying to send animated
    gif via email
    - Movie Director application usage is now allowed in landscape
    - Corrected: Video editor in landscape, use Browser functionality to
    download new sound, functionality will be cancelled.
    - Video Editor - Option Wipe bottom and Wipe top are changed up.
    - Manual video editor functionality improved.
    - Still image editor: Flickering reduced when cropping an image.
    - Still Image Editor is not closed without saving the edited image when
    ending a call.
    - Performance improved when closing camera in camera mode.
    - Performance improved when Opening Media Gallery application
    - Image print application was closed when pressing selection key when
    no images in gallery
    - Help texts remain now in landscape when the device goes to idle in
    imaging mode.
    - Media gallery does not crash any more when pushing quickly joystick
    while gallery generate thumbnails of videos for the first time.
    - Several video editor corrections:
    - Video Editor activation from Landscape Media Gallery
    - Playback functionality improved in cut video clip
    - Inserted image date corrected
    - Video Editor crash when Cancel is pressed during MP4 processing
    for MMS is corrected
    - Reboot/Media gallery crash corrected.
    - Gallery visibility improvement, now it is possible to distinguish between
    the Video and Picture download because URLs naming changed.
    - Real One Player and streaming
    - Music Player is now using the colours defined in active skin
    - N90 is not any more able to play the Audio content [Codec:AAC] which
    is not encrypted by OMA DRM Separate Delivery and the Video content
    with audio, as a result of sounding of the ring alert, by renaming the file.
    - Listening MP3 via headset and incoming SMS -> MP3 is not played via
    IHF during message receiving tone is played.
    - Following streaming improvements has been implemented:
    - Twist to landscape while streaming crashed ROP and Browser
    - Streaming is replayed if resumed when all data in buffer
    - "RTSP Teardown not sent from the handset if Pause/Resume is issued
    too close to the end of a Vidiator stream clip
    - Other applications
    - SIM ATK: Self explanatory Set up idle mode text with icon did not work
    - SIM ATK: Maximum length string is now supported in SIM ATK
    command Get Input
    - Application manager problem corrected: Wrong icon is shown if DRM
    protected application doesn't have DRM rights
    - CBSServer and phone crash on CB reception is corrected.
    - Flicker problem in to-do application is corrected.
    - Ringing tone was lost when MMC with active ringing tone was removed
    - Cover display brightness settings improved.
    - Cover UI crash whilst screen saver running is corrected.
    - Pressing end key while opening Personalisation don’t cause KERNEXEC-
    3 any more.
    - Default settings for MMS in Vanilla SW corrected for EMEA region.
    - Autolock icon position in the screen corrected.
    - Power menu ok/cancel selection don’t cause hanging any more.
    - Skin functionality is improved:
    - Clock – skin handling improvement
    - Themes - Preview of a theme showed large white space instead of
    the actual background
    - Converter uses now text colors defined in active skin
    - Display is now updated correctly in Converter application
    - Vcard over BT view in the inbox is not skinned and white bars visible
    - Dial-up functionality with always-on PDP context improved
    - Operator names on display corrected.
    - The phone does not read SPDI field in Telstra USIM card
    - “Wrong Operator name shown”
    - Cell info is not displayed on cover display.
    - USSD timer implementation to solve following problem: Error handling
    MAP UnstructeredSSNotify message.
    - JAVA
    - Java baseline update done, consisting e.g. following improvements:
    - Text color of ticker was not correct
    - DRM - JAVA files were not supported
    - Opening of PopUpChoiceGroup crashed the midlet
    - Java installationdid not work correctly in all circumstances
    - Any java app that access the browser gets stuck
    - Compatibility problems concerning some PsiNT applications are
    - Corrected the icon shown if DRM protected application did not have
    DRM rights
    - Application Installer don’t jam any more if purchase of SD SIS file's rights
    is cancelled
    - Bluetooth
    - When BT was turned off, HSP and HFP were not unregistered in
    previous sw
    - Bluetooth audio improvements:
    - Ringtone was not played correctly when using CK-1W carkit
    - Jabra BT200 BT Handsfree cannot activate voice dialing
    - Automatic answer does not work with BHF-3
    - Multipoint connection created from/to phone fails with Audi carkit
    - Personal information management:
    - Data Transfer fucnctionality is improved:
    - Only Contacts and Calendar data were copied at first attempt.
    - Bluescreens when using Data transfer application
    - Many improvements in localisation has been implemented
    - Imaging and office folder icons corrected to Hebrew language package
    - "Phone locked" icon available
    - Icons visuality has been improved when applications are selected in active
    - A lot of SVG icon optimizations have been implemented
    - ‘No charging’ tone and charging notification corrected when calling MO call
    - Application logo disappearing from application shell has been corrected
    - Back light is now working when opening fold after screen saver preview
    - Operator info changes
    - Autolock icon position in display corrected
    - Intermittent landscape mode activations and audio routing to loudspeaker
    should not occur any more.
    - Phone does not stuck any more when unformatted MMC Card has been
    put to N90
    - Clock keeps on running when battery removed
    - Cover display backlight adjustment corrected
  4. viruz

    viruz virus im system

    N90 RM-42 dpv4.0 SW3.0545.5.1_EURO

    Changes/improvements made from MCU SW v 3.0535.4.3 to v 3.0545.5.1:

    - Call and network management
    - DTMF sound and key click are both played from a numeric key
    - PIN/PUK code query is displayed during emergency call
    - Replacing active video call with incoming video call does not work.
    - Operator info database updated
    - SMS and EMAIL
    - Generated SMS visibility to sender improved
    - WAP Push message deletion enabled in Message client by pressing
    “C” key.
    - Occasional indications for new email though mailbox empty are
    - Text placement adjusted in SMILeditor
    - Skin improved (white bars removed) in Vcard over BT view in the
    - Unnecessary message appearance " Requested object is used by
    another application" when connecting to mailbox removed
    - Browser
    - Webpage loading from bookmarks improved.
    - Functionality improved when streaming link is set as homepage in case
    when Real One Player is closed.
    - Browser WML element behaviour improved in Hebrew language.
    - An empty If-Modified-Since header is not sent any more in an HTTP
    - Animated Globe image visibility improved in bookmarks.
    - Browser functionality in Vodafone portal improved.
    - Camera
    - Sequence capture post view layout improved when viewed after
    - Camera remains active when video recording is paused and resumed
    - Returning from camera mode to fold closed mode now sent the camera
    application to background.
    - In video camera memory handling improved between full memory card
    and device’s internal memory
    - Gallery, editors printing and applications
    - Print application functionality in post capture view improved, when
    twisting from imaging mode to fold open mode.
    - Media gallery thumbnail generation is improved
    - Print application folder views updated in case one image belongs to
    two albums.
    - Gallery tile view shows now the images, which are added to an album
    - Memory management improved when zooming big images
    - Indication to the end user improved why DRM count based protect
    - Susceptibility on multiple right hand presses during MP4 processing
    - Alarm activation while playing Snakes is improved
    - 3rd party applications functionality improved
    - Default rates added to Converter application
    - Real One Player and streaming
    - RealPlayer can now be opened during ongoing video telephony.
    - Screen updating after saving video improved.
    - SIM Access toolkit
    - Opening the apps cell improved when using Telenor SIM
    - Browser launching improved
    - Dialled call log updating updated when calling to numbers that are not
    in the FDN list.
    - Bluetooth
    - Interoperability with SonyEricsson HBH-60 bluetooth headset
    - Bluetooth headset automatic reconnection improved.
    - Audio routing and notifications improved when bluetooth headset is
    used in video call
    - Susceptibility improved when two phones send bluetooth message to
    one phone at the same time.
    - Bluetooth interoperability related to LMP_detach timeout improved.
    - Pairing with Nokia 770 improved.
    - Personal information management
    - Memory management ipmproved, message "Log: Memory full. Close
    some applications and try again." prevention
    - Logs application behaviour improved when when deleting a missed call
    - Memory management improved, when inserting new contact with
    - PC Suite synchronisation improved, not unnecessary fields are created
    during synchronization.
    - Calendar lunar view scrolling improved.
    - Analog clock hands placement improved in Hebrew language.
    - The Chinese name for 'My own' application is updated.
    - Voice dialling improvements to match name and to handle short
    contacts (“R”)
    - The Chinese pronouncing improved in the voice commands
    - Hungarian added to Russian language package
    - Operator names updated
    - Skin element related nuances tuned
    - Screensaver rotated by 90 degrees in fold closed mode
  5. viruz

    viruz virus im system

    New features made to MCU SW v4.04.07:
    - When a *#0000# is entered from the keypad, phone displays the software
    version and product ID in a new way.
    - 7-bit/Unicode character counter support for SMS.
    - Upper case letters enabled in Phonebook edit label.
    - FDN - GPRS connections now allowed with *99# when added to FDN list
    Changes/improvements made from MCU SW v3.04.37 to v4.04.07:
    - Audio
    - Also DRM unprotected files can be set to ringing tones (if that is
    defined in the variant).
    - Bluetooth
    - Improvements to BT connection handling (e.g. for carkit connection
    and deactivating BT device).
    - Browser
    - Improved performance for loading big pages.
    - Handling selection boxes in WAP browser improved.
    - Optimised functionality if the request contains an empty If-Modified-Since
    - Improvements to show some links & texts correctly in certain web
    - Browser multiple PDP contexts handling improved.
    - Displaying Chinese text with punctuation marks improved.
    - Several other browser improvements.
    - Camera
    - Colour balance of flash improved, less yellow in pictures.
    - Gallery
    - MediaGallery MMC FAT usage improved.
    - Media gallery handling of metadata in case of all kind of files
    changed. ID3v2 tags are shown when user checks music file details
    via media gallery.
    - Handling of spesific large and progressive JPEG images improved.
    - Corrupted file icon now displayed if there is not enough memory to
    open image.
    - Messaging
    - Interoperability improved to handle spesific MMS’s received from
    other manufacturers’ phones.
    - Improved Chinese input usage when editing settings.
    - Functionality improved with push email client(s), which are using also
    calendar updates. Now changes to PC calendar are observed and
    transferred to phone calendar.
    - MMS Slideshow is correctly played when .3gp file with audio only is
    - Phonebook
    - Improved performance for displaying the image, when focus is in a
    contact, which has a thumbnail image
    - Streaming
    - When streaming is paused, correct method to server is sent and
    streaming resumes from right place.
    - Handling of RAM-files with multiple streaming links improved.
    - Playback of 3gp amr wb audio with improved
    - Telephone
    - Automatic redial improved.
    - Improvements regarding different telecommunication switchboards.
    - Error note now displayed if call setup is unsuccessful in spesific
    signalling stage.
    - Video Sharing
    - Improvements to Video Sharing application.
    - Video Telephony
    - Reserved amount of RAM increased for video call to improve VT Call
    releasing & ending.
    - Always on PDP context is not tried to be activated if Dial-up connection is
    - FTP upload stability with USB cable improved.
    - MMC durability improvement, Video recorder writes data to MMC in
    bigger blocks, causing less unnecessary FAT accesses.
    - Improved functionality with Chinese characters in MMC names.
    - Functionality improved, when changing from SIM card to another.
    - Improved functionality with certain SIM cards and SIM phonebook.
    - IMEISV sent to network changed to 18.
    - Automatic access point settings updated for some operators.
  6. Handycracker2k2

    Handycracker2k2 abwesend

    new 6630 V 6.03.08

    Changes/improvements made from MCU SW v 5.03.08 to v 6.03.08:

  7. Nokia N90 Changes/improvements made from MCU SW v 3.0545.5.1 to v 5.0607.7.3

    · Access point configurator improved
    · Operator name display logic improved and operator info updated
    · Hungarian language added to Russian (v05) language package
    · Out of Memory management optimization

    Call and network management
    · Emergency numbers harmonized with Nokia N70 emergency number definitions
    · Conference call functionality improved (adding calls and swapping)
    · Phone number grouping added to language variants
    · Right soft key is now used for initiating a video call when number is entered manually
    · Call bubble handling improved for call waiting, call timer and CLIP

    Messaging - SMS
    · User interface for Instant Messaging improved

    · BMP files OMA Download improved
    · Fonts improved in the Browser
    · Downloading big MP3 file improved
    · MIDlet download with certain MIME types improved
    · "Find web address" functionality improved

    · Image handling with Kodak kiosk improved
    · Autofocus focus indication functionality improved
    · Arabic lay-out improvements
    · Activation time for camera shortened
    · Camera help start-up time shortened
    · Saving of images improved in camera mode
    · Gallery, editors and printing:
    · JPEG decoding improved
    · Thumbnails in Gallery for image taken with sequence mode improved
    · Video editor performance improved
    · 3gp file recognition from header improved

    Real One Player and streaming
    · AAC file playing improved
    · Handling of different DRM content types improved
    · Video playback improved
    · New audio parameters for HiFi headsets
    · eAAC+ files playing improved
    · Midi Audio Clip playing improved
    · SIM cards and SIM Access toolkit
    · SIM ATK functionality improved:
    · SMS and e-mail sending improvement via SIM ATK
    · Deactivation of FDN enabled when using USIM
    Application installer and Java
    · DRM protected (Separate delivery) java files downloading improvements

    · Bluetooth Interoperability improved
    · Functionality improved when connecting to headset canceled
    · Audio improvements for video call

    Personal information management
    · Audio recorder UI improved
    · Name dialing: Training of user-edited voice commands is improved
    · Fixed Dialing Number length increased up to 40 digits
    · Forward Locked audio & video playing enabled after restoring the backup from MMC
    · Functionality improved when copying contacts to SIM card.
    · Receiving a contact via Bluetooth improved
    · Progress bars for synchronization improved
    · Notepad can now open text files larger than 150 KB
    · Functionality using protected audio files as ring tones improved
    · UI improvements when scaling different sizes of images to wallpaper and default theme is in use
    · Startup tone is no more played when powering up in meeting mode
    · Functionality with PDP context activation in 3G improved
    · USSD user note improved
  8. Nokia 6680 Firmwareänderungen zwischen 4.04.07 und 5.04.07

    Nokia Mobile Phones Service Bulletin No. SB-052/21.03.06

    New features made to MCU SW v5.04.07
    · AD-15 audio adapter support added.
    · Browser cache cleared every time when exit from browser.
    · Change of manual NW selection when ePLMN is used.
    · Better preset eq value introduced for unknown headsets.
    · MP3 filename length support increased to 256 characters.
    · Default year in startup changed from 2005 to 2006.
    · FPLMN list updated on USIM.
    · Axalto USIM card detection improved.
    · FDN activation and deactivation with Axalto USIM card improved.
    · SMS sending from Gemplus SIMATK improved.
    · Problem to access menu with certain SIM cards corrected.
    · Phone reset with certain SIM and SMS combination corrected.
    · SIMATK accessibility improved with some Oberthur SIM cards.
    · SMS sending from Gemplus SIMATK improved.
    Audio and Video
    · Camera tone cannot be heard in silent mode.
    · Video frame rate improved in Night mode.
    · Unknown Hi-fi headset default volume decreased.
    · 3gp file recognition from header (extension independent recognition) improved.
    · Video player stability improved when playing invalid MP4 file.
    · Sound quality of music track is no longer affected by camera shooting.
    · Improved handling of large web pages when rendering them using 'By quality' option.
    · Handling of unescaped # character in web page improved.
    · General Browser stability improved.
    · MMS editor handling better DRM protected audio files.
    · Improvement to handling video contained MMS.
    · Corrected icon when message store in MMC.
    · Mailbox capability to handle lot of POP mails improved.
    · New mail indications improved. No more false indications.
    · Improved functionality with MMS messages received via email, containing only image,
    from reference phone.
    · Fixed phone freeze problem with some T9 combinations.
    · General T9 behavior improved.
    · Receiving problem with DRM protected MMS fixed.
    · Changed the handling of tags in order to remove unwanted linefeeds.
    · Improvements to Hebrew character handling in email.
    · Improved SMS creation from web link having Scandinavian characters.
    · Delivery report timestamp functionality improved in case selected country doesn't have
    full hours GMT offset.
    Video Call
    · SMS and Video call alert tones both played, if received at the same time.
    · Video Call initialization phase robustness improved.
    · Phone reset problem with Motorola BT headsets fixed.
    · BT car kit connectivity improved.
    · Bluetooth pairing interoperability improved.
    · Improvements to backup restore function with DRM protected files.
    · Showing ID3v2 tags when user checks music file details via media gallery improved.
    Content of "composer" field is shown if available and if "artist" field is empty.
    · Playing 3gp file with only voice on the first page has been improved.
    · MediaGallery accesses to MMC improved.
    · Handling of corrupted jpeg files improved.
    · RTSP Teardown now sent after streaming is stopped.
    · Phone reset problem during video sharing initialization corrected.
    · Improved functionality of making a shortcut out of converter.
    · Improved handling of Offline-profile.
    · Improvement to memory handling in gallery related to DRM protected files.
    · Improved memory handling in DRM Rights Server and DRM Rights Database.
    · Operator certificate bindings updated.
    · Logs GPRS counter clearing improved in certain situations.
    · Operator name list updated.
    · Snooze option disappearing problem corrected.
    · Removed possibility to change profiles when SIM not inserted.
    · MAP service UnstructeredSSNotify functionality improved.
    · Network connection failure not shown anymore after using PUK code.
    · USSD message not cleared automatically anymore after automatic acknowledge sent to
    · Current consumption behavior improved in idle mode.
    · PDP context creation handling improved in case maximum PDP context amount reached.
    · Calendar tone can be set to off.
    · Improved vibra functionality when playing ringing tones in settings preview mode.
    Radio Bearer/Functionality
    · Added support for Network error code "00011010 Insufficient Resources" in networks that
    doesn't support multiple PDP context.
    · GMS network selection improved in case GERAN is preferred.
    · Voice and video call success rate improved.
  9. Nokia N70 Firmwareänderungen zwischen 3.0546.2.3 und 5.0609.2.0.1

    Nokia Mobile Phones Service Bulletin No. SB-036/22.03.06

    New features in MCU SW 5.0609.2.0.1
    · Bluetooth: A note implemented to the end user when activating Bluetooth from "Settings"
    menu, if the Bluetooth profile is set to hidden.
    · Music Player Improvements
    · Scanning both phone & MMC memory
    · Better playlist support
    · Active Idle plugin support
    · Improve supported media
    · Better support for Albums & Artist meta data
    · Browser: The X-Oma-Drm-SD header implemented
    User Interface
    · Sensitivity of Brightness Modification in Image Editor increased
    · Flash lite support in Media Gallery reintroduced
    · Speed of Returning from sequence post-capture view with many images increased
    · Active Standby icon for e-mail correctly aligned
    · Autolock/Anykey relationship realigned
    · Night mode icon modified
    · PIN code request sequence set correctly. Sleep mode behavior now appropriate
    · Camera StartUp time improved
    · Camera behavior in relation to 'keypad lock' improved
    · Switching to secondary camera in video mode when burst is enabled: Sequencing
    · Sequence capture behavioral improvements when application closes
    · Closing Left Navi Key no longer adversely affects saving sequence images
    · Long sequence capture retains images
    · Error note handling improved
    · Inserting MMC will not close Gallery
    · When adding thumbnails from folder - images now shown
    · Added Image resolution is correctly aligned
    · Slide show with music. Improvements in audio level settings and call handling behavior
    · Image counter updated when memory card is replaced
    · Music Player allows battery low warnings to be displayed
    · JPEG decoding improved
    · Notepad now opens large text files
    · Creating audio*only clip in high quality mode (MP4) allowed
    · MMS postcard name entering improved
    · Access point configurator application and database improvements
    · Chinese language FM radio: Selecting profile sequence corrected
    · View certificate details for DRM content displayed correctly
    · Opening OMA DRM protected audio/mp3 files in Browser facilitated
    · Handset stability improved when using SAT menu originated SMS services
    · 'Memory card not available' note disappears when appropriate after closing embedded
    · When search label is used for selecting the attachment to MMS, correct sequence takes
    · Wrongly formatted SIP addresses no longer cause handset to freeze.
    · Reliability of Bluetooth connectivity improved
    · Audio quality of voice command with BT headsets improved
    Video Sharing/Streaming
    · VS Cancel sequence correctly aligned
    · Real player closing sequence after ISHO realigned
    · 'Video Sharing' prompts now appear when appropriate
    Call Processing
    · Correct response to MO when MT ignores an invite in place.
    · Emergency number update according to regulations
    · Alternative 'Ringtone' issue resolved
    · Simultaneous Video call and SMS receipt prompts correct ring tones.
    Cellular Signaling
    · Video telephony Inter Operability optimized
    · RSSI measurements in 2G re*evaluated
    · Performance has been maximized by improving the 2G > 3G reselection algorithm
  10. Nokia N70 Firmware SW v5.0609.2.0.1 to v5.0616.2.0.3 Changelog

    Changes/improvements made from MCU SW v5.0609.2.0.1 to v5.0616.2.0.3:

    - Device no longer reboots after entering PIN code with a small number of
    USIM cards
    - It is now possible to send an MMS with video or audio content
    - The input method indicator 'Pinyin' and 'Bihui' shows correctly
    - Music player:
    - Rolf PR2 Localisation problem in Music Player ("A Processar" issue)
    - Rolf Music Player “save” query localisation fixed
    - Music player crash with incorrect ID3 tag date information fixed
    - For Telefonica:
    - When receiving a call during a music download, the music no longer
    plays incorrectly
    - For Orange
    - Possibility to enable OHS for Orange variant fixed
    - For O2
    - SAT refresh - voice call coordination in place
    - Old HomeZone information displayed correctly
    - HomeZone text appears after Active Idle is turned on
    - HomeZone & CityZone texts are now animated correctly
    - HomeZone icon disappears at appropriate times
    - SAT refresh comes through during voice call correctly
    - "App. closed Standby mode" issue is fixed
    - O2 music application download functionality fixed
    - For T-Mobile
    - SATUI Active Idle plug-in is shown in Active Idle correctly
    - Enabling messaging active idle plug-in after using NBC with active idle
    behaves successfully
    - Active idle displays correctly formatted Ai controls when the user has a
    large amount of PIM data.
  11. DonaldDuck69

    DonaldDuck69 Super Moderator

    N80-1 RM-92

    Changes/improvements made MCU SW v 3.0614.0.3 to v 3.0617.0.6:

    - New features
    - When there is a headset connected then it is possible to close the slide
    without ending the call
    - Support for Microsoft Windows Media Player 10 has been added (No
    support for DRM)
    - Adobe PDF Reader has been added
    - Mobile Search has been added
    - Antivirus has been added
    - FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) pull is enabled in some variants
    - Backup
    - Backup cannot read midlet when midlet is running before backup starts
    - Contacts database is in use if client remains open during
    - Java midlet data is not restored
    - Panics if java hash information was not parsed successfully
    - SIS files are not restored after backup/restore
    - Midlets installed to drive other than (C:) not backed up or restored
    - Package data file restoration problem when directory doesn't already
    - Backup/Restore failed to restore assigned Speed Dial numbers
    - Bluetooth
    - Improvements to stability of long term connections
    - Switching on BT On ->off-> on can cause phone menu to lock up and
    - Browser
    - Browser memory usage reduction when browsing many sites
    - WAP Push correction for CSL
    - Remove anti-aliasing for Chinese fonts
    - www.kauppalehti.fi login causes connection timed out
    - Stop browser loading images when memory low
    - Calendar
    - Meeting end date does not span correctly if user changes device
    timezone to greater than current value
    - Received recurring vCal entry is not saved to calendar
    - Calendar alarm time imported incorrectly from S40 device
    - Calendar editor erases subject field if you edit a full subject field
    - Calendar crashes when changing repeat rule on an entry
    - The anniversary alarm never goes off
    - 100 consecutive alarms does not alert
    - Due date and start date are mixed in ToDo items -> ToDo alarm can
    not be stopped
    - Calendar Options->Delete entry->All entries fails to delete exceptions
    to recurring meetings.
    - Change in time zone results in incorrect alarm date.
    - System error and product freezes with certain Calendar note
    - Lunar Calendar information is not available for dates before 1980
    - Last instance of repeating meeting is lost, if repeating meeting is
    modified in Outlook
    - Unable to dismiss calendar alarm
    - Repeating calendar entries
    - Call
    - Manual network selection freezes the phone if there is active PDP
    - Display wrong operator name "1" in Manual Selection list
    - Camera
    - Bitmap corruption in thumbnails
    - Camera localisation error fix (Localised Slovak) Camera: Wrong
    grammar form of Automatic used in Scene Set-up
    - Contacts
    - Backslash character not properly handled when contact is copied to
    memory card
    - Data
    - Call Back Access Point does not call back
    - Rare Stability problems in TCP/IP
    - Device Manager
    - Display FOTA help for FOTA enabled variants
    - Gallery
    - Certain animated Gif files do not play when opened from Images and
    Videos folder
    - Screen becomes black for a second right after playing video file saved
    in memory card
    - Wrong Presentation icon is shown in the Gallery.
    - BT Image Print - Phone is stuck at Cancelling screen
    - PictBridge/HP475 - Phone hangs at cancelling screen after cancelling a
    pictbridge print job on HP475 printer
    - Video file is not played if opening from File Manager while another is
    paused on the background.
    - DRM image can't be zoomed in if the last right is in use.
    - The display position of AnimatedGIF file is incorrect.
    - New Camera Images do not appear in Gallery if Gallery is open
    - The Animated GIF file, which has copyright protection of valid
    Consumable Rights(count=5) can be played more than 5 times.
    - 3gp playback incorrect when there are many images on memory card
    - No help topics available in Music Settings View.
    - Issues with recognizing new mimetypes
    - Localisation
    - Fallback when help directory is empty
    - Memory Card
    - Improve FAT mount performance by increasing FAT cache granularity
    - Particular 256MB MiniSD card gives "Windows was unable to complete
    the format" when formatting under WinXP.
    - Memory card unlocking does not work if no card inserted while phone
    - Fix for memory card missing on soft reset
    - Messaging
    - Forwarded attachments visible as unsupported files in attachments
    - Envelope icon doesn't stop blinking until phone is rebooted
    - E-mail : It takes too long to attach contacts via e-mail.
    - Message stays in outbox (until rebooted) after cancelling infrared
    - Fixes MMS postcard image import size issue
    - Obex crash with corrupted obex header
    - Extra space at end of word when typing '/' character
    - Can't receive message when using China Unicon dual mode card
    - Add any file type to email attachment options
    - Incorrect number is shown in note when fetching emails
    - IMAP: Crash after trying to retrieve an email when there's no network
    - Message Viewer takes 39 seconds to display long unicode message
    - Link Highlight in automatic find does not wrap to next line in mixed
    - Data cannot be shown and deleted when save a large vCard which
    received by IrDA.
    - Multimedia
    - Progressive JPEG codec doesn't compress heap after decoding
    - Music Player
    - Music player will be terminated forcefully at the time of selecting
    searched data when the [Mark all] selected in track list creation.
    - Networking
    - Sending many UDP packets results in not all packets reaching the
    - Real Player
    - Large chunk video break up
    - Unresponsive RealPlayer after streaming
    - Security
    - No post after user cancel JAR download
    - Exes are launched by Installer App before EULA is accepted
    - Installer crashes when uninstalling software
    - App. installed in other phone to memory card, shortcut to it is shown in
    test phone
    - Reset loop with certain (filesystem partly corrupted) MiniSD card
    - Application Manager: Application loses list of installed applications
    - Syncronisation
    - Session ID in server notification (package #0) is not taken into use by
    DM client
    - Synchronisation fails if entering more than 2 entries in Calendar of the
    handset with synchronisation setting as "None"
    - UPnP
    - Unknown authorisation request causes media server crash.
    - UPnP - Apps Menu path in message for creating WLAN access points
    is incorrect - localisation of path for all languages.
    - Middle ok button does not work in result window
    - Copying files with ‘&’ character in
    - Home Network, fix for Music playlist sharing selections not working
    - USB
    - Mass Storage failure. Bulk Transport handles case badly
    - USB mass storage class doesn't detach from Apple MAC/Tiger
    - Video Telephony
    - UE carried no sound or image after the following procedure UE
    became out-of-coverage during VT communication. Then it originated
    VT after the VT disconnection.

    The following changes were also included in SW release 3.0618.0.1 which
    was only available in some markets.
    - Call
    - DTMF tones now allowed for emergency call created with locked phone
    - Applications
    - RealPlayer updated – Improved handling for large chunk video
    break up
    - RealPlayer updated – Improvements to unresponsive RealPlayer
    after streaming
    - Settings
    - Settings wizard updated to week 16 release for Taiwan country
    - SIM
    - Correction to SAT polling reponse
    - Accessories
    - Connecting doesn't succeed after disconnecting N616 car kit and
    from 3G to 2G
    - AD15 in Music Player mode has poor sound quality (until volume
  12. Obnoxy

    Obnoxy Nokia-Soft(y) ;)

    6151 RM-200_dp_v_39.0_mcusw03.52

    RM-200 Phone Data Package 39.0 Installation (mcusw 03.52)
    ================================================== ====

    Close Phoenix before starting installation of the Data Package.

    Note! Phoenix release 2005.05.0.143
    or newer is required!

    Installation package includes
    - MCU software release, language packages (PPM) and content package.
    - Flash update package (FPS-8/FLS-4 prommer software update)
    - RM-200.ini file, that includes
    - names of flash files, language packs and content files.
    - options used in flashing
    - list of settings that can be saved from customer's phone when
    updating software
    - RM-200.ini files, that define
    - language packages that belong to each product
    - content packages that belong to each product
    - default settings for each product
    - Default SW setting files (GPRS Modem settings, WAP bookmarks etc.)
    - User interface configuration file for Product Profile tool (RM-200.ppu)
    - Label printing files (RM-200lbl.ini, *.pcx)
    - RM-200.val includes product type specific module information for Faultlogger
    - readmeCustomerInfo.txt (this file)
    - various ini files for tests (Display, Auto tuning of RF, ACD readings etc)

    Cya MFG Obnoxy ;)
  13. Aikon

    Aikon || |||| | ||||| ||| |||||

    E60 hat 2.0618.06.05 ... Zumindest mein swap von vodafone.

    Änderungen die ich festestlelen kann: mitteilungsschrift ist "dicker", besser leserlich.
    Office EDITOR on board (word, exel, powerpoint) .. mehr konnt ich biusher nicht entdecken.
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 6. September 2006
  14. ippf

    ippf Guest

    Changelog Nokia 6280 3.81 -> 5.92

    Changes/improvements made from MCU SW version 3.81 to version 5.92

    Call and network management
    - Establishing a voice call while sending video sharing invitation improved
    - Functioning of DTMF tones improved
    - Functioning of video conference service improved
    - Displaying network name during manual network scanning improved
    - Selecting Dualmode improved
    - Compatibility of video call with LG phone improved
    - EGPRS: When streaming improved
    - streaming of 128 kb video improved
    - 3G-2G handover improved, when using GPRS in Car kit
    - Handling of empty files improved
    - Reading SMS’s during startup improved
    - Accessing SMS stored in SIM card improved
    - Handling of SMSC details improved
    - Moving messages and receiving message notifications at the same time improved
    - Composing a video clip when Bluetooth is turned on improved
    - Receiving a MMS with different content (audio + video + text) improved
    - Sending and receiving MMS simultaneously improved
    - Receiving and handling advertisement message improved
    - Replaying of MMS and SMS messages improved
    - streaming service via WAP improved
    - Receive more than one WAP push message improved
    - Viewing CNN's pages improved
    - streaming sessions stability improved
    - New words entered into dictionary and storing them for later use improved
    - Improvement when playing music file after the video call is just ended
    - Making an audio recording when the phone memory is full improved
    - Playing videos from Planet 3 link in gallery from Media Player improved
    - Support for Homezone improved
    - Compatibility with RUIM SIM cards improved
    - Improvement for Class 2 messages
    - Reading the voice mail number from the USIM card improved
    - In silent mode functioning of vibra optimized
    - In Italian displaying voice recorder file name during recording improved
    - In Hebrew making the breaks in the text has been improved
    - Connect to Bluetooth headset BH-900 improved
    - streaming audio file from an unsupported format improved
    - Loudspeaker and PoC tone levels improved
    - Using soft key ‘Back’ during streaming improved
    - Support for 1000 contacts SIM cards improved
    - Functioning of instant messaging improved
    - Starting up the phone improved
    - Voice mailbox number can be changed after the first time setting
    - Changing video call ringing tone and previewing videos saved in the folder improved
    - Updating the video mailbox number improved
    - Operator list updated
    New supported features
    - Sending of multiple files using “File Send”
    - FOTA
    - Progressive download
    - USIM/ISIM support for 3GPP IMS authentication/registration
    - Real-time video sharing application (both video and speech)
    - Support for stereo BT headset (A2DP)
    - Ability to launch MIDlet on SD card from native code
    - SVGT 1.1 non-Latin fonts
    - BT SDAP (Service Discovery Application Profile)
    - OPN and SPN is shown in separate fields
    - Customizing the calendar (alarm) event tone
    - Copy - Paste Support for Editors
    - H.264/MPEG-4 AVC – decoding only
    - Add recipient from Call List
    - Flight mode
    - Remember recently entered Go to addresses in a browser
    - Audio volume adjustment with volume keys, while running Java midlets
    - Scaling from QCIF to QVGA quality when streaming
    - Using documents in XML and SOAP formats within java programs
    - MMS API (Wireless Messaging API 2.0)
    - PoC with Bluetooth Headset / Handsfree
    - Storing of holidays in Calendar
    - Holidays is distinguished from other notes in Calendar
    - BT Handsfree Profile 1.5.
    - Phonebook groups support for starting PTT dial out call
    - Support for MSISDN in PoC group invitation
    - Multimedia Players to support WMA
    - New Contact Detail Fields in Phonebook
    - Skip MMS editor when sending
    - Vibra feedback in startup/shutdown
    - Email IV client
    - Support EF-EHPLMN field in USIM
    - SVG - support for opacity and gradients in SVG
    - Extended use of camera landscape mode
    - Mobile 3D Graphics API v1.1
    - Java Calculator
    - Support 3GPP or 3GPP2 as ring tone/message alert
    - Factory reset to restore variant settings
    - "Call divert" added to 'Go to' options"
    - Video Screensaver doesn’t mute music player
    - Prevent SDP files from being forwarded
  15. DonaldDuck69

    DonaldDuck69 Super Moderator

    Doch :)
    Die N70 5.0624.2.1.2 ist nur für Wind i-mode
  16. Obnoxy

    Obnoxy Nokia-Soft(y) ;)

    OK , danke! War mir selbst nicht klar. Muss ich wohl doch nochmal neu auf den Server schuppsen...

    Cya MFG Obnoxy ;)
  17. DonaldDuck69

    DonaldDuck69 Super Moderator

    Habs jetz auch geändert in der Firmwareliste, damit sie aktuell ist ;)
  18. Obnoxy

    Obnoxy Nokia-Soft(y) ;)

    Na wenn du alles aktuell haben willst, solltest auch die
    2.0628.0.0.8 vom N73 mit reinschreiben ;)

    Hat sich nur die Providerlist geändert, bei dieser Version, also nix bewegendes!

    Cya MFG Obnoxy ;)
  19. N91 2.10.013
    N91 (02.01)
  20. [ExiTuS]

    [ExiTuS] Nokia only

    6085 - BB5
    7373 - BB5
    5200 - BB5
    5300 - BB5
    100% sicher!!!

    7390 - DCT-4!? > kein RAP! nur XOMAP